The Nigerian Journal of Forestry is an official publication of the Forestry Association of Nigeria (FAN).
FAN is a non-governmental organization of all stakeholders in forest and forest products and natural
resources management. It is the biggest and the foremost forestry organization on the continent of Africa.


The Nigerian Journal of Forestry appears two times a year and publishes original research papers on all aspects of the forestry (Silviculture, Agroforestry, forest mathematics, forest management and forestecosystems), biodiversity conservation, forest products and resources (Wildlife, fisheries andecotourism), environment, climate change etc.

We aim to bring important work in all aspect of Forestry and renewable natural resources to a wide international audience and therefore we only publish papers with strong messages that advance the understanding of the sustainable management, utilization and conservation of natural resources.

Nigerian Journal of Forestry, 2019
Forestry Association Of  Nigeria.
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