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An Appraisal of the Benefits of Mangrove and Wetland Ecosystem in Nigeria

Okpara, I. G., Nwafor, O. E., Olubunmi-Koyejo, A. and Anosike, Q. C.

Lead Paper: Sub-Theme 5 Environmental Concerns in the Mangrove and Wetland Ecosystem

Ijeomah, H. M. and Ijeomah, A. U.

Role of Indigenous Woody Species in Sand Dune Fixation and Stabilization in North- East Nigeria

Akwarandu, Karachi, E., Mulima Idi, M., Suleiman, Gambo S., Gayus, A. Deborah, Bugh Jonathan, A.

Carbon Sequestration Potentials of the Niger Delta’s Mangrove Forest Towards Climate Change Mitigation

Adeyemi, T. O. A., Idowu, O. D., Isese, M. O. and Lawrence, E. A.

Deforestation and Degradation of Mangroves in The Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: Implications in a Changing Climate

Chima, U. D. and Larinde, S. L.

Review of Some Bio-Chemical Parameters that are Indicative of Air-Pollution

Ogboru, R.O., Agboje, I., Okolie, P. L., Mangodo, C. and Arabambi, I. D.

Environmental Challenges to the Mangroves, Wetlands in Niger Delta Area and their Possible Solutions

Kareem, A. A., Adio, A. F. Iroko, O. A. and Sulaiman, O. N.

Wetland Loss and Degradation

Dan, P. H., Nsien, B. I. and Udoh, G. E.

Carbon Sink or Source: Where Does the Niger Delta Mangrove and Wetland Ecosystem Stand?

Eguakun, F. S. and Olayiwola, V. A.

Ecological Values of the Mangrove and the Threats to its Livelihood Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Farinola, L. A., Oyaniyi, T., Awe, F. and Adisa, A. S.

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