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Lead Paper: Sub-Theme 6 Ecological Economics of Mangrove Forest in Nigeria

Ajewole Opeyemi Isaac

Effect of Payment Vehicle on Willingness to Pay for Wetland Management In South-Western Nigeria

Olarewaju, T. O., Olugbire, O. O., Farinola, L. A. and Abiola, M. O.

Profitability Analysis of Seedlings Production in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria: A Hope For Mangrove Seedlings Production

Shu’aib, A.U., Muhammad, A. Z. and Adamu, M.

Economic Benefits of Wetland Ecosystem in Nigeria

Kalu, C. P. and Aigbobo, E. N.

Economic Importance of Nypa fruticans in the Niger Delta Regions of Nigeria

Akpan, U. F, Akpan, F. S, Oladele, O. N, Malizu, L. C. and Odey, B. O.

Social Economic Value of Mangrove Forest: Implication for Conservation

Amonum, J. I. and Ekhuemelo, D. O.

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